Fraud Investigation

If an act of fraud is suspected, a comprehensive investigation must be carried out quickly, and by investigators who have sound working knowledge of the criminal process.

Foster & Co Accountants’s Fraud Solutions team, often working alongside colleagues from our Forensic Investigations  team, will take control of the investigation and ensure that evidence is preserved, specialist computer forensics is applied and experienced lawyers are appointed. We endeavour to:

  • Maximise the potential recovery from the fraudsters
  • Minimise further damage to the business
  • Ensure successful legal action is taken against fraudsters
  • Identify lessons to be learned for the future to prevent a recurrence

We also regularly act for the defence in criminal matters. We understand how both sides of a case are put together, what decisions may have been made in preparing the evidence, and what other sources of evidence may be available – we offer a truly independent expert opinion.

Why Would You Need Us:

  • You are a solicitor and need to appoint an accountancy firm to investigate fraud for legal proceedings and act as an independent expert witness.
  • You want to appoint a specialist firm to investigate a fraud or a suspected fraud within your organisation.
  • You are under the suspicion of fraud and want an accountancy firm to act in your defence.

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