Whether you are a Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company, Doctor, Sports Personality or Actor, you will need a set of accounts. These accounts can be used by you to monitor your performance, but will also be needed for submission to HMRC and Companies House (as appropriate).

Foster & Co Accountants specialise in not only annual services but monthly services to our clients too. Many of our clients appreciate that having a monthly service gives them the added benefit of keeping up-to-date with their finances and allowing the end of year accounts to be handled swiftly and easily.

Your annual accounts will be prepared as soon as possible after the year-end. This means that you will always meet the statutory filing deadlines – avoiding fines.

More importantly, early preparation of the accounts means that the information is as current as possible and it also allows you to budget for your tax bill.

Many small businesses try to incorporate everything into the running of their business only to find at a later date they are so far behind with paperwork they have to employ someone to deal with the backlog which can lead to higher accountancy fees.

Having a monthly service has the advantage of the client seeing exactly where the business is financially, making it easier to make day to day decisions.

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